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Turning Wasted Work into a Great Outcome

Recently, a new intern called Juzou started working at MakeLeaps. As part of our SEO plan put together by Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of Juzou’s tasks was to generate content for MakeLeaps by researching and writing about things that would…

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Hacker News Tokyo Japan Meetup #7 – Friday 26th of August

At MakeLeaps, in addition to creating small business software, we also organise events catering to the Hacker News community (run by Y Combinator, an entry-stage Venture Capital firm based out of San Francisco). These Tokyo events are popular with people interested in business and technology,…

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The Heart and Soul Commitment Paradox

This article applies broadly to anyone who has ever attempted anything huge, uncertain, difficult and troubling. People who run businesses and especially start-ups are in this category. So are many people who want to live and work overseas. I’d like…

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