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Use A Fictional Tony To Maintain Your Customer Relationships

I recently heard a story about a sole proprietor business owner with a fictional employee in his ‘accounts department’ named Tony. This fictional employee’s job is client-related administration, such as sending invoices, and following up on late client payments. This…

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Look For The Simplest Solution

If you’re running a small business, you can’t afford the luxury of complex solutions when there are simple solutions to be had. Consider a story I heard a couple of years back. Scene: a group of bicycle riders in London…

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Hiring Your First Employee For Your Service Business

Firstly, congratulations. You’re busting out of the single person box, and you’re taking the first steps towards a much larger and more sustainable business. Hiring employees is something that gets easier over time. It’s a skill that needs to be…

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Get To The Point First

I used to inadvertently frustrate other people with my verbosity. A client would ask me a question, and I would give them a 10 sentence background, because I assumed this would be helpful. “Why do I have 3 printers when…

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It Begins

This blog will be a running journal of MakeLeaps, along with a series of articles and posts that will be of value to business owners. MakeLeaps is Paul and Jason’s journey to liberate businesses around the world from pens, paper,…

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