MakeLeaps New Pricing

MakeLeaps is changing our plans to allow larger companies to select the options they need while being cheaper for freelancers and smaller companies.

Both new plans are designed to allow small and large companies to scale smoothly with MakeLeaps as business and usage grows.

As usual, MakeLeaps will remain free for basic users. Further, all existing users can choose to stay on their current plans. This change will take place on the 27th of June.

1. Price

  • Individuals: ¥500/user/month, up to 3 users
  • Organizations: ¥800/user/month, unlimited users
  • Free Users: Free, up to 1 user

Individuals/Small Teams
If you’re using MakeLeaps as a small team of less than 3 people, there’s now just one simple plan for you. We’ve also done away with the old client limits, so your business can smoothly grow whether you service one client or hundreds. In addition, we’re also now giving MakeLeaps Time Tracking to all paying plans at no additional cost.

When your company starts to grow, MakeLeaps can become an indispensable tool to help you coordinate your team. With our advanced workflows and collaboration tools, your whole team can easily keep track of thousands of deals and send documents to all of your customers with ease.

In addition, you’ll now be able to configure exactly the usage level that your business needs, and you’ll be able to select the Add On features that you need.

Active Clients per Month: Starting at ¥80/client/month.

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2. Available Features

These features are now fully available to both Individual and Organization plan users.

– Invoice Manager
– Detailed Report
– Bulk Import Client Data (Excel, CSV)
– Bulk Export Documents Data (PDF)
– Time Tracking / Time sheet

The following features are optional Add Ons you can add to your MakeLeaps account:

– Virtual Accounts  
– Custom Email Domains

3. User Support

Phone, chat and email support will be available for Organization Users.
Chat and email support will be available for Individual users.
Email support will be available for free users.

4. Mailpoints

In order to make our Send By Post feature available to all range of users, we are going to lower the pricing of mailpoint as below:

– 1 mailpoint (per envelope) ¥199 tax included → ¥160 tax included.

How the changes affect each plan?

  • Case 1.
    Scooter plan → Individual plan
    Small size company (= where 2 active users, 10 active clients)

    Current Plan : Scooter Plan = ¥1,780
    New Plan : 3 active users x ¥500 = ¥1,500
  • Case 2.
    Car plan → Organization plan
    Middle size company (= where 1 active user,  45 active clients)

    Current Plan : Car = ¥3,980
    New Plan : 1 active user x ¥800 + 10 clients x ¥0 + 15 clients x ¥80 + 20 clients x ¥70 = ¥3,400
  • Case 3.
    Bus plan → Organization plan
    Middle size company (= where 3 active users,  80 active clients)

    Current Plan : Bus = ¥6,980
    New Plan : 3 active users x ¥800+ 10 clients x ¥0 + 15 clients x ¥80 + 55 clients x ¥70 = ¥7,450

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