Big New Feature! Send By Email + Send By Post Improvements

Send By Email

MakeLeaps now supports sending your quotes and invoices by email, and we’ve made it super simple to use.

Basic Instructions

  • Click the quote/invoice you want to send.
  • It will display “Add Email Address”. Click this.
  • Add your client’s email addresses into the To: and CC: fields.
  • Click on the quote/invoice again. Click “Send By Email”.

    Update the text if you want.

  • Click Send.

That’s it.

Advanced Instructions (It’s actually still pretty simple)

  • To edit the default text attached to outgoing emails, edit “Your Company” settings, and change the Email settings.


  • You will also receive a BCC of every invoice that you send out.
  • View a full history of all the emails you’ve sent by clicking History/Email.
  • This new feature is available to all users. If you have a free MakeLeaps account, a short signature will be attached to the bottom of your email saying:

    “Sent to you using MakeLeaps, the online invoicing and quoting software. Find out more at

  • Send By Japan Post Improvements

    Some users were wanting more information about the invoices that had been sent by post. So we made an “Outbox” with a lot more information about your pending and sent invoices.

    To view this, click History/Mailed By Post.

    Have a great day, and happy invoice sending !