MakeLeaps Newsletter, 20th of February, 2012

Become a MakeLeaps Partner

We’ve put together a new partnership page that describes how your clients and your business can benefit from introducing customers to MakeLeaps.

In summary, we’re offering :

  • promotion for your business through
    • link/logo exchanges on our websites
    • a partnership announcement through Facebook, Twitter and our blog, and
    • guest posts on our blog
  • your clients a great way to improve their quotations and invoices while saving time and money
  • a free Professional Business license for your company (available to companies introducing more than 3 clients converting to monthly plans within a 3 month period)

For full details, please check here:

New MakeLeaps Articles

We’ve written a couple more articles for your entertainment.

Sorry, these articles are currently only available in Japanese. We’ll have some English content for foreign companies operating inside Japan shortly.

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