MakeLeaps Newsletter, 10th of February, 2012

Hello. Thank you as always for using MakeLeaps.

We’ve got some new updates and some new features for you.

Improved Interface

We have a shiny new interface that helps you work even faster. Click an invoice, select your action. You’re finished almost before you start.

These improvements are all part of our mission to make your document management and administration faster and smoother.

More Speed Improvements

MakeLeaps is even faster now. Log in and give it a spin.

Understand More About Your Invoices

MakeLeaps now helps you track more information about your invoices. Helping you instantly answer these questions about your business:

  • Did I send that invoice yet?
  • What date was it sent?
  • Has the customer paid?
  • If they have paid, what date did they pay ?

We hope these new improvements are making your life and work even easier. As always, please contact us if you have any feedback or comments.

Jay Winder

Jay Winder is the Australian Co-Founder of MakeLeaps. Jason came to Japan in 2001 to study martial arts, set up his first business called Webnet IT in 2003, and set up MakeLeaps in 2010 with the vision of unlocking the potential of freelancers and businesses in Japan with clean and powerful software. If you like, follow me on Twitter.

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