MakeLeaps Newsletter – New Features, and a Free Gift! – 31 October 2011

New Website, New Features, Free Gift !

We’ve got some new features we wanted to let you know about, and as a MakeLeaps user we also have a free gift for you.

New Website
We’ve relaunched our website, so please check it out at

New Feature
Firstly, our most exciting new feature is “Send By Japan Post”.

This means you can log in, create an invoice, click a button, and we will print and send your invoice to your customer within one business day.

Send By Japan Post – MiniFAQ

You Can Print Out My Invoice For Me? How Will It Look?
Please check the Features section of the MakeLeaps website for a sample invoice.

What Happens?
When you log into MakeLeaps, and click on Invoices, you will see a screen with a 〒 mark. Once you click on this, and confirm, the following will happen:

  • Your invoice is printed in colour at our office.
  • A cover leter (送付状) is printed with your clients address.
  • We attach postage, and send it within one business day.
  • We send you an email confirming that your invoice has been sent.

How much does it cost?
One mail point normally costs ¥300 yen.

However we’re currently running a campaign offering a 33% discount off for a package of 10. Mail points are available in packages of 10 for ¥1990.

What about my hanko stamp?
We have a new feature that allows you to upload your hanko image. Please check the Features section of the MakeLeaps website for a sample. It will be printed in colour and look almost identical to your real hanko image.

Is my data safe?

Your data privacy is of paramount importance to us, and is protected by Webnet IT Corporation, a company operating in Japan for 8 years.

We will only use your invoice to print out and mail your customer, and we follow all of the procedures in our privacy policy (

Free Gift !
To thank you for being a MakeLeaps user, every current MakeLeaps user has been rewarded three! free Mail Point. This will allow you to send an invoice to one of your clients for free by Japan post.

New Features
We’re hard at work making new features to make it easier for you to create, send and manage your invoices. Please contact us anytime with your ideas, thoughts, and requests.

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