Informal HN Get-Together, Tokyo Japan – Friday 18th of March in Shibuya

Since the earthquake struck at 2:46pm Japan time last Friday, Japan has been in dis-array.

Of course, what we’ve been through in Tokyo doesn’t hold a candle to the devastation and suffering up north in Sendai, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

In the past few days in Tokyo, we’ve been through earthquakes, aftershocks, our hearts jumping into our throats when the house starts wobbling again, tsunami warnings, possible nuclear meltdowns, power outages, sardine-packed trains, and possible Tokyo wide blackouts, and we feel like it’s time for a drink.

If you’re in Tokyo, yearning for a return to normality, and would like to have a drink with some fellow hackers (assuming of course, nothing changes for the worse), come out and have a beer with us.

Meeting time: 7pm, 18th of March
Meeting place: Failte, Shibuya

If you get lost, drop us an email at

Hope to see you there.


Paul and Jason

Jay Winder

Jay Winder is the Australian Co-Founder of MakeLeaps. Jason came to Japan in 2001 to study martial arts, set up his first business called Webnet IT in 2003, and set up MakeLeaps in 2010 with the vision of unlocking the potential of freelancers and businesses in Japan with clean and powerful software. If you like, follow me on Twitter.

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  1. Paul and Jason,

    Thanks for putting together this HN meetup. I had a great time and I’m looking forward to the next one. What are you guys thinking for timeframe, mid-May possibly? If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.