Using Analogies To Help You Easily Sell Your Product Or Service

The ability to sell your product or service, often comes down to your ability to communicate complex concepts in a way that gives your customer an easy and innate understanding of the value that it will provide to them.

An analogy can be one of the most effective ways to do this, by reducing a concept that would otherwise require 20 minutes of tedious explanation into a single sentence.

It’s difficult to craft a good analogy, especially ad lib, and it’s easily possible to be accidentally condescending. Your customers are intelligent and accomplished people, who may simply be unfamiliar with technology or the specifics of your particular product or service.

It’s better to take your time and think in depth about your offering, reduce it down to it’s base elements, and look for universally accessible ideas that correlate with your product or service.

Both the media and marketers commonly employ this technique. Some examples :

Search Google for: “The Facebook of”
Search Google for: “The Twitter of”

Here are some directed examples of analogies used in sales that communicate plenty of information, and provide instant enlightenment :

Technology Example
On the benefits of keeping backups:

It’s like an insurance policy for all your critical data.

This communicates precisely the value of backups in a way that pretty much everyone can understand.

Consulting Example
On the benefits of working with an experienced consultant:

Trying to solve this particular problem is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. There are hundreds of possible combinations, and you can waste a lot of time cycling through them all. I can help you find the right combination on the first go, saving you a lot of time and money.

Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to solve Rubik’s cubes. Likening that frustration to a likely outcome in the absence of your services, can be a powerful message.

Parking Company Example
On the cost/benefit explanation of purchasing valet parking services:

Imagine the parking service of the Ritz-Carlton, with the pricing of the Holiday Inn.

This simple sentence communicates :

  • This company takes pride in the quality of their service,
  • They offer a high-end valet parking product,
  • They have a focus on customer service, and
  • Their pricing is at or below market cost for similar services.

I think the analogy is a little catchier.

How have you used analogies to improve your sales or benefit your business ?

Jay Winder

Jay Winder is the Australian Co-Founder of MakeLeaps. Jason came to Japan in 2001 to study martial arts, set up his first business called Webnet IT in 2003, and set up MakeLeaps in 2010 with the vision of unlocking the potential of freelancers and businesses in Japan with clean and powerful software. If you like, follow me on Twitter.

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