(English) How To Get a Job in Japan. Or Anywhere.

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 アメリカ英語 のみです。

Jay Winder

Jay Winderはオーストラリア人のMakeLeaps共同設立者です。武道を学ぶため2001年に来日し、2003年にWebnetITというITコンサルティングのビジネスを立ち上げ、2010年には”日本国内のフリーランスやビジネスの将来性を確実に広げる”というビジョンのもとMakeLeapsを設立しました。良かったらTwitterのフォローもよろしくお願いします。特にMakeLeapsユーザーからのツイートは大歓迎ですので、お気軽にツイートして下さい!

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  1. como conseguir trabajo en japón, si esto funciona le juro que me voy hoy mismo a japón!!

  2. Como conseguir Trabajo en Japon, si ESTO Funciona le juro Que me voy Hoy Mismo un JAPÓN!

  3. let me guess, your wife is Japanese? otherwise there is no way you would stay in Japan that long. You will always be looked at as a foreigner in Japan and never really fit in.

  4. In most places in the world you will always be looked at as a foreigner and with your attitude I’m not surprised YOU won’t “fit in”.

  5. You’re not a fan of Japan? That’s a shame, Japan is a great country.

    However, you’re exactly right about not fitting in as a foreigner, despite the mean tone of your message :)
    Looking at it from a different perspective, it’s because that you have a different way of thinking and looking at things that gives you a big advantage in this country, or any foreign country.

  6. Also, it’s something considerable for a foreigner to come to Japan/Asia for the long term, it speaks to something being unique about that person’s mindset and their ability to handle problems.

    Some companies like that.

  7. After reading the incredible posts, you where interested in asking this ? ;)

  8. or just that they got rejected by their home society..

  9. It seems more likely that you are talking about yourself.

  10. Howard Robinson

    Thanks Jason, one of the best articles I have read on this subject.

    Cheers Howard.
    P.S. I loved Japan when I visited a few years ago.

  11. Howard,

    Really appreciate you dropping by and commenting. Thank you for the kind words, and I’m glad you enjoyed Japan!

  12. Coffeexxx

     seems like a lot of English teaching jobs in Japan now post disaster. I see quite a few new ones popping up on http://www.alttokyo.com but bear in mind you need a proper visa really. I setup job alerts incase I can get an IT job.

    just thought Id mention it

  13. Rafael Ulloa

    this article is GOLD. thanks so much for posting this.

  14. Douglas Mak

    Lovely post. Exactly what I was looking for!